During Victoria's 'hard lockdowns', we are open to NDIS clients and medical practices only, otherwise, we are open to all clients. We will continue to follow all public health directives and adhere to our own COVIDSafe plan as outlined below. Further, please read our measures and precautions listed on this page.

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Clean & Personal is committed to delivering cleaning services in a safe manner in this environment for the health, safety, and well-being of all Victorians. Now more than ever, a clean and  hygienic environment at home, at the office, or in medical practices is of very high importance, and we offer that to you. Our policies around COVID-19 are developed with NDIS clients at the forefront.

Thank you and stay safe

Precautions we are asking all our cleaners to follow

  • Under no circumstances will we allow any cleaner who has flu-like symptoms or who has a sick family member to come to work in your house.

  • All cleaners will exercise social distancing and follow personal exclusion rules as outlined by the Victorian and Federal government.

  • All cleaners must maintain the recommended safe distance between themselves and others. This includes within your house. Here, we need your assistance. As the cleaner is in one room, it is safest for you to be in another.

  • Cleaners will disinfect touch points with hospital grade disinfectant (door knobs, light switches, power switches).

  • Cleaners will disinfect items they touch between jobs.

  • Usual sanitary practices will be followed throughout cleans (such as not re-using cloths).



What we need from you:

  • Cancel if you are sick. Please cancel your cleaning appointment if you or a family member is experiencing flu-like symptoms.

  • Cancel if you need to quarantine. Please cancel if you or anyone in your house needs to quarantine.

  • Notify us if you suspect you have been in contact with someone at risk. If you or anyone in your house has recently been in contact with someone who may be a risk factor please let us know.

  • Keep your distance. Social distancing is important. Please maintain a 1-2 meter distance from our cleaners while they are in your house. This can be easily achieved by ensuring you are never in the same room as them, if possible.

For further information, please see the following links:

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